How the Reservation List Works and Choosing your Perfect Puppy:

Once you place your deposit I keep you updated every step of the way.  I pride myself on being a good communicator.  I will let you know when we had a successful "honeymoon,"  the date of the ultra sound, and the estimated due date.

As soon as our puppies are born I will email and/or text the good news as well as pictures to the families on our reservation list.  I will continue to send pictures each week as the babies grow.

Your First Visit:

All adoptive families will be allowed to visit at 6 weeks, by scheduled appointment in the order which they appear on our reservation list. This visit will be when puppy selections will be finalized, paperwork will be filled out, and the remaining balance of your puppy will be due. No families will be permitted to take their puppy home until puppy is paid in full and all paperwork has been completed & signed. 

When we welcome you into our home we will ask that all shoes be left at the door.  This is due to the spread of Parvo and other communicable diseases.  We love our babies and want to keep them safe and healthy until their immune systems are more fully developed.


Trust the Process!

If you would like to move forward with a deposit, please take some time to fill out my puppy application. This gives me an idea of your home and family life and what temperament would match your lifestyle best. There are no right or wrong answers! Once I receive the application I will reach out regarding moving forward with a deposit.

On puppy pick day I do set appointments in order that deposits were received. This seems the most fair. However, I ask you trust my guidance when I pull only a few pups from the big pen for you to have one-on-one time with. I will choose a handful of pups that have the temperament that suits your lifestyle best. Please keep in mind that I have a responsibility to each an every puppy. That their family would be their FOREVER family. No one knows these little bundles of joy better than me and I want your Windsong experience to be a happy one.

The Puppy Chooses the Family…

I see it time and time again. I select 3-4 pups that are best suited for a particular family/individual/couple’s lifestyle. A pup that was uninterested in the previous families comes to life when “their” family walks through they door. This right here is the BEST part of my job!!

What it comes down to is…


The wonderful thing about breeding doodles is that unlike breeding for the AKC confirmation ring (show dogs), I am breeding to produce wonderful family pets. Of course, I want them to also be adorable!! But my number priority when breeding is for health and temperament.

As I watch my babies grow and develop, I am thinking about ALL the families on the reservation list. Their individual wants, needs and lifestyles are important to me. Whether you are the first or last family on the list, please be assured you will not be overlooked! Your perfect pup is waiting and I will make sure you are matched with the correct temperament for your lifestyle.

Going Home:

Each family will be able to come pick their new puppy up at 8 weeks. These visits will also be by appointment only and scheduled in advance.  Puppies not picked up during the scheduled “pick-up weekend” will incur an additional boarding fee of $75 per day or are welcome to enroll in our “Puppy Boot Camp” Training.

Please keep in mind that your journey with Windsong is forever!! I'm always here to answer question or offer any support I can.


Look who is growing in our Puppy Nursery!!