Training Packages

***We have limited availability for training. Please contact Jillian to see if training is available on your preferred litter.

1 Week:

The goal of this 1 week program is to get your puppy used to sleeping all night in his/her crate and used to being in a home without its littermates.

-Your puppy will be given his/her own Snuggle Puppy to make crate training easier and leather collar

-Your puppy will receive around the clock, 24 hours / 7 days a week care.

-Teaching your puppy it's name

-We will put your puppy on YOUR schedule and positively reinforce good manners. Your puppy will know sit and will be introduced to other commands depending on the maturity of the puppy.

-Your puppy will be taken out to potty at least once an hour, all day, everyday. It will be crated for naps during the day, depending on your schedule. The foundation for pottying outside has been established. Your puppy is 9 weeks old at this point, so there will still be a lot of work and good manners that need to be taught.


2 Weeks:

The goal of our 2 week training program is to give your puppy a head start with basic training skills.

All of week 1’s training PLUS:

-Your puppy will be past the initial adjustment period of being away from the litter.

-Introduction to loose leash walking

-Your puppy has mastered the command “sit” at this point and is working on “down”

-Basic manners such as learning not to jump or bark rudely

-The commands "no bite, leave it, and off" are introduced. 

Your puppy will be socialized with cats, kids, adults of all kinds, etc. After the 2 week stay your puppy will be able to hold it at least 6 hours at night with fussing in the crate being minimal. All day, everyday, good manners are taught and reinforced. Rewards are given for all good behaviors to give the puppy a great foundation for you to build on.



4 Weeks:

The four week stay is one of our most popular training packages and works well for the majority of families that want a good solid start to their puppy's training. All of the items listed in the two week program have been well learned including some additional higher level skills. We teach the basics the first 2 weeks, then we do a lot of reinforcing for the next 2 weeks.

Recommended for: For those individuals that work outside of the home and are only able to come home to let the puppy out to potty.  Also, great for families with small children and for those that want an easier time transitioning a new puppy to their home and schedule.

Puppies that have been through four weeks of training are more mature and have learned a great deal more patience. More socialization opportunities are provided to create a well rounded experience for your puppy such as short outings around town, car rides, school pick ups, etc.

What to expect after conclusion of the 4 week program:

-Puppies are fully crate trained and will get in their crate for the command “go to bed.” After the initial transition period into your home has passed (3-5 days), there should be no complaining when puppy is put in his/her crate.

-Puppies enrolled in the four week program will be in the mastering phase of the potty training process. They are beginning to understand manners and what is expected of them. They will require a great deal of attention to continue the potty training in your home. You will be reinforcing all the manners, boundaries, commands and rules we have been working on with them daily. Please keep in mind that it is not possible for a puppy to be 100% reliably house-trained until the puppy has matured which is usually between the ages of four to six months.  With our 4-week program you can expect minimal accidents once the initial transition period of three to five days has passed.

All of week 1 & 2’s training PLUS:

-Your puppy will know how to use a doggy door

-Your puppy will be crate trained. Meaning your puppy can hold his/her potty 6-8 hours and remain quiet overnight and for a few hours during the day.

-Your puppy will know these key teaching words "GOOD", "OFF", "OKAY" "ATT ATT" and "LEAVE IT" to aid in communication.

-Problems such as jumping up, mouthing (puppy nipping), chewing and off will be worked on and usually pretty well under control at the end of the four weeks.

-Your puppy will be familiar with taking treats and following commands.

-Your puppy will be accustomed to wearing a collar and leash. Many new puppy owners don't realize how important this is in the training process. It does not come natural to a puppy. It must be taught before the puppy can progress to the next phase of training.

  • Your puppy will be introduced to, and be comfortable with, the training obedience commands of knowing his name, "SIT", "DOWN" "STAY", "PAW," and “COME."

  • Your puppy will be taught to walk into his crate willingly for a treat when you tell him to "go to bed.”

  • Your puppy will be asked to sit and wait before coming out of his crate. His impulse control is growing and he is able to wait a bit longer.

  • Your puppy will be taught to sit and wait while you attach the leash. He is developing more patience and can generally sit and wait as long as you move quickly.

  • Your puppy will be asked to sit and wait while you set his bowls on the floor. His patience is growing and he can consistently wait.

  • Your puppy will be conditioned to be patient for basic grooming and maintenance. We give weekly baths, at least twice a week brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming and teeth brushing. Your puppy will have a professional groom towards the end of the program and will be exposed to clippers and the grooming table.

  • Your puppy will receive socialization throughout the day with children and other household pets.

  • In the 4 week program your puppy will be taught to swim, weather permitting.

  • Your puppy will be introduced to and socialized with cats.

To help with the final transition, I will spend 2-4 hours working with you to ensure you understand the training methods used for the most positive outcome.