Puppy Application



  1. Windsong Doodles requires all adults living in the house to be in agreement with purchasing this puppy. If this puppy is purchased with the intention of giving as a gift of another adult in the house, please contact after filling out your application. Many dogs end up in shelters or on the street due to being unwanted gifts (no matter the breed or price of dog), we do not want any of our dogs to become abandoned and need to make sure a puppy is something this potential person really wants.

  2. Windsong Doodles requires all puppies to be spayed/neutered before the age of 12 months (1 year) by a certified veterinarian. Proof of the spaying/neutering done by a certified veterinarian must be provided, along with verification of the dog's identity (microchip number, dog description, breed). If the buyer fails to spay/neuter puppies before age 12 months, the 2-year health guarantee becomes void. If you have any concerns regarding spaying or neutering your dog please feel free to call or email us before paying your non-refundable application fee.

  3. All of our puppies are sold on a strict NON-BREEDING contract. We do not allow our pet puppies to be used for breeding. If you are interested in purchasing a breeding puppy please contact us and we will send you a separate “breeding dog” application. If any Windsong Doodle not authorized for breeding are found to be breeding, a breeding dog fee of $7,000 USD is owed to the breeder immediately and the dog can be reclaimed by Windsong Doodles without notice. Legal action will be taken if needed to collect damages. All legal fees are at the buyers expense.

  4. Puppies and spots on our reservation lists are only reserved when the non-refundable reservation fee of $500 has been paid in full by cash, check, Venmo or PayPal (plus 3% PalPal fee). The balance is due at puppy pick day at approximately 6 weeks.

  5. Windsong Doodles will NOT fly puppies via cargo. If you are out-of-state we do require you to personally pick your puppy up and fly your puppy home in the main airplane cabin OR we can hire a Puppy Nanny. A Puppy Nanny is often CHEAPER than flying a pup cargo. I am happy to meet you or your puppy nanny at either SBA or LAX so that you don't have to rent a car. Hand delivery throughtout California and surronding states is available on a case by case basis for an additional fee.

  6. Windsong Doodles cannot guarantee adult dogs coat color, non-shedding coat or that this dog is hypoallergenic. We can only guesstimate the shedding degree and color from experience. We are open to suggesting a puppy based on your preference but again will not guarantee anytime. Coat colors usually lighten with age, please keep this in mind.

  7. Buyer must agree to appropriate care of your Windsong Doodle. Appropriate care includes the following: annual vet examinations, feeding the dog high-quality dog food, maintain a healthy weight on the dog, daily exercise, housing dog indoors, grooming and participating in basic training with the dog.

  8. Buyer agrees the puppy is not being purchased for resale, will never be sold to a pet shop or puppy mill, and will never be used for scientific research. Buyer agrees to return the dog to Breeder - or allow Breeder to rehome dog should it become necessary. Breeder will be the first contact if Buyer can no longer keep the dog. Breeder offers a lifetime re-home policy. If you re-home the dog without Breeder's permission, the Health Warranty is void. We never wants one of Windsong’s dogs to end up in a shelter, rescue or to be bounced from home to home. Breeder will take the dog back and do the proper screening of the prospective families to find a forever home for the dog.

  9. Windsong Doodles reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy for any reason and at any time before the placement of the puppy.

  10. Completing the application is the first step in purchasing a puppy from Windsong Doodles. There are no right or wrong answers. Your answers simply help us pair you with the best temperament for your needs and lifestlyle. While we do our best to provide you with your top preferences (gender, color, etc.), we cannot guarantee specifics in any puppy once grown. If you are on our reservation list and are unhappy with your reservation, we will transfer your name to the next available litter of your choice.


Please fill out our Puppy Application to be added to one of our Reservation Lists.

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By submitting this application, I agree that all the above information is true. I also agree to the terms and conditions of the application fee, payment plan, re-home and spay/neuter policies as written above. *