Windsong Doodles is a Premier Southern California Goldendoodle breeder.

Windsong breeds Goldendoodle puppies that are Healthy, Happy, and Well Socialized. We help each family select the right puppy for their lifestyle, while keeping the individual needs of each puppy in mind as well.




Our babies receive round the clock care from birth until they join their new family at 8 weeks. In fact, our babies spend the first 3-4 weeks in our master bedroom as this makes for easy night time checks!

They are loved on from their first day of life by children, cats, and most of all me! At 4 weeks they move to my living room where they can observe and interact more closely with our family.  By the time you pick you puppy up at 8 weeks old, he/she is used to the noise and commotion of daily life in a busy family home.



A high quality diet, proper supplements, and the necessary genetic testing is our key to raising health puppies.

We are passionate about health and are proud to offer a 2 year health guarantee on all our puppies.



The happiness and well-being of our moms, dads and puppies is extremely important to us. All of our breeding dogs live in our home or in loving guardian homes with their forever families.

We believe there is a right and wrong way to breed. We are not a kennel, all of our dogs are well-cared for and cherished family members.


When a responsible dog breeder entrusts you with one of their puppies, you forever receive a piece of their heart and a part of their legacy

-author unknown




Windsong Pups Are:

Service Dogs
Emotional Support Animals
Wonderful Companions
Great with Kids


Photos by V.Kendall Photography