What is a Guardian Home?

In order to give our breeding dogs the best life possible full of love and personal attention we need to limit how many adult dogs reside in our home full time.  We also know that in order to breed the highest quality dogs we need to continually add quality bloodlines to our breeding program.  How is this possible? For Windsong Doodles and for many quality in-home breeders like us, the answer is a Guardian Home Program.

Our Guardian Home Program allows us to expand our breeding program the right way, by keeping our dogs out of kennels and in homes wheres they live as cherished family members.  A Goldendoodle needs to be a part of the family to develop their full potential, and this is why we have the guardian program. We want the best for our dogs and they deserve forever families to love and spoil them.

Essentially Guardian Dogs are our dogs to breed and yours to love!

Is there a cost involved to be a Guardian Home?

We have found that people tend to take better care of something they spent  their money on.  We take a deposit when placing a puppy in a guardian home.  The cost of the deposit is minimal when compared to the actual price for the pick of the litter puppy.  The cost for each pup that we place will be considered on an individual basis. 

After each litter of pups a portion of the deposit is returned to the guardian home.  At the succession of the females final litter (4th or 5th depending on the situation) the guardian family is gifted with their choice of a cash bonus or a puppy as a thank you for their dedication to our program.


What are the benefits of being a Guardian Home?

We view our Guardian Home Program as a true "win-win" situation.  Our Guardian Families receive a "pick of the litter" quality puppy for free and we have the satisfaction of knowing that our breeding dogs are living life as cherished family members.

What are the requirements to become a Guardian Home?

The most important aspect in being a Guardian Home is to provide love, care and attention for the guardian puppy.  You are his/her family and forever home and accept the financial responsibilities for routine maintenance and medical care just as you would for any other pet you  may own.  This means general veterinary care for vaccines, grooming, flea/tick prevention, regular exercise and training.  We ask that you feed the same food we feed at Windsong to make it easier when he/she is in our home.

Guardian Homes must reside in Southern California and be flexible for dropping off and picking up the dog for health testing, vet visits, breeding, and whelping puppies.

All breeding related medical costs and genetic testing will be at our expense.  All of our dogs are fully tested before entering our program and producing puppies.

Guardian Homes must not have an "in-tact" male dog in their home for the duration of the contract.

The Guardian Family of a female will need to learn the signs of a heat cycle and be willing to communicate, cooperate and coordinate with us to ensure a successful breeding.  When the female comes into her first heat cycle we need to be notified immediately.  She will be in heat for approx. 4 weeks and will need constant supervision so that other males do not breed her.  It is imperative she is closely watched or secured within an approved dog crate.

How many litters will a Guardian Female produce?

The health and happiness of our dogs is always our priority!  We typically plan on 4-5 litters for females.  This will always be Windsong’s decision and on a case by case basis.  Once we have decided to retire the dog, we will spay the dog and full ownership will be signed over to the Guardian Family.