Hello and welcome to Windsong Doodles!  My name is Jillian and I've been training, showing and breeding dogs since I was 13 years old.  Flash forward many years, I've discovered the most amazing, kind and loving breed and fell in love.  The goldendoodle is hands down the best family dog out there. 

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Small Breeding Program

My breeding program is small.  At this point I won't have more than a few litters per year.  Why?  Because I believe my dogs deserve all the love an attention of a family member!  My puppies are born in my home and are raised along side my family until you take them to your home, their forever home.  My goal is to raise sweet tempered puppies that are genetically sound and well socialized.  With 3 small children and 2 cats I can assure that your new puppy will be well loved, socialized and adjusted to the sights and sounds of everyday life in a busy, family home.

Our goal is to breed quality doodles that are healthy, happy and well-socialized.  We will help each family select the right puppy for their lifestyle while keeping the individual needs of each puppy in mind as well.


Raised with Love

Our puppies are whelped and raised right inside our home, meaning they are gently handled by us and our children right from the start.  We feel this early interaction helps encourage young puppies to be well-adjusted, confident, life long companions. Our puppies are kept with their mother from birth to 8 weeks to learn basic puppy manners, how to establish social relationships with litter mates and what behaviors are acceptable. This early, on going learning experience plays an important role in helping each puppy realize its full potential as a dog and companion.  Once they reach the age of 8 weeks they are ready to be introduced to their new "forever" family

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" Hippcrates

We believe good food (and supplements) equals good health. Our dogs and puppies are members of our family and eat only the best quality organic and grain-free food.  Their water is twice filtered to remove lead, heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride.  All our breeding dogs receive high quality supplements, including dha, to ensure proper growth and development of our babies.


2 year Health Guarantee

At Windsong, the two things that are the most important to us when breeding is health and temperament. All of our adults are fully tested before breeding and our puppies come with a written two year health guarantee.

Genetic Testing

All of our puppies comes from parents that are of exceptional bloodlines and have been completely genetically tested through Paw Print Genetics and OFA.