Your perfect puppy is waiting.

Thank you for your interest in our future babies! Please keep in mind ALL DATES ARE ESTIMATES until a pregnancy has been confirmed.  It isn't uncommon for a female to cycle later or earlier then expected.  Sometimes these ladies have a mind of their own! Please add 8 weeks from expected birthday to estimate the go home date.

2 Year Health Guarantee

Windsong offers written guarantee from any life-altering genetic issues.  We want our health guarantee to give peace of mind to all of our new puppy owners. Windsong strives to only breed the healthiest dogs, and in turn, we have the confidence to offer an extensive health guarantee. Our puppy parents have all been tested and cleared for genetic diseases before entering our breeding program.  We do everything possible to provide you with a happy and healthy puppy.

Choosing Windsong

The ultimate question when deciding to purchase your forever puppy is “Do you want to buy Windsong?” I work diligently with each an every family to ensure they get the pup of their dreams.


Expected Fall/Winter 2020

Piper & Poe will be paired again to produce gorgeous hypoallergenic doodles puppies!! Their last litter was spectacular. They had a litter of 12 with 9 of the babies being beautiful red colors and 3 being pretty shades of taupe. All of their pups have lovely people oriented and ready to please temperaments. Poe is 34lbs and Piper is 44lbs. Coats will be 100% non-shed and curly. This is the litter for my allergy suffers. Look for the #gameofthrones litter on instagram to see their past litter grow. My best guess is that these pups will be ready to go home Feb. 2020.

Reservation List:

  1. Windsong

  2. Leslie

  3. Monique

  4. Jessica

  5. Cheryl

  6. Erik

  7. Christina

  8. Lily


Expected Winter 2020

If you want a litter with a higher percentage of Golden Retriever this is your litter!! Sophie & Poe will be paired for one final litter to produce the most gorgeous English Cream “Teddy Bear” Goldendoodle babies. Their current litter is the #harrypotter litter and I couldn’t be happier about their looks and temperaments. They all have beautiful wide retriever heads and short noses. These pups are about 60% golden retriever and will all sport the popular wavy doodle shag. Colors to expect are creams and apricots. I anticipate these pups ready to go home in March 2020.

Reservation List:

  1. Windsong

  2. Philip

  3. Elizabeth

  4. Maggie

  5. Jill

  6. Robert

  7. Tim

  8. Eva


Expected Winter 2020

Vanilla & Poe will be paired again to produce English Cream “Teddy Bear” Goldendoodles. These pups will be medium to standard goldendoodles in the 35-45lb range. I am expecting some whites. creams and taupe with fuffy coats.. This paring is the most hypo-allergenic goldendoodle and will do great for those that suffer from allergies. We have great success using the “t-shirt test” on those with allergies. Both Vanilla and Poe both have impeccable genetic clearances as well as wonderful family friendly temperaments. These babies will be gorgeous!! For an idea on the looks of these babies look for Vanilla’s #sweetas litter on instagram. I expect these babies to be born in February and go home sometime in April 2020.

Reservation List:

  1. Windsong

  2. James

  3. Jane

  4. Unikora


Expected Spring 2020

For my families who want BIG I will be paring Raleigh & Phoenix to create multi-gen F2b pups in the 55-70lb range. These pups will show variations of apricot and reds with and English cream possible as well. Raleigh comes from long lines of gorgeous English Cream Golden Retrievers. I expect mostly solids, however, tiny shows of white on feet, head and chest are also possible. Raleigh and Phoenix are both goofy love-bugs and I expect the same temperaments from their babies. My best guess is that these babes will arrive in March and will be 8 weeks sometime in May 2020.

Reservation List:

  1. Windsong

  2. Shawna

  3. Alyssa

  4. Kim A.

  5. Carrina

  6. Elizabeth


Expected Late Spring 2020

I am beyond excited to finally announce the pairing of our Peri & Merlin! These babies will be 50% red abstracts and 50% red partis in the 20-30 lb range. The coats will be mostly wavy, with a few curly pups and a few with the coveted multi-gen straight coat. Peri is a Phoebe & Maestro daughter home-grown at Windsong. Merlin is our gorgeous multi-gen male with impeccable health clearances. I would expect these pups to arrive in the end of May and will be 8 weeks sometime in July/August 2020.

Reservation List:

  1. Windsong

  2. Adriana

  3. Steven

  4. Tara

  5. Vanessa

  6. Marylou *


Exceptional Experience!

“Our experience with Windsong Doodles was exceptional! We emailed Jillian with our interest in a puppy & ended up with the exact puppy we had our eye on from the beginning. 6 months later, we have a wonderful pet for our family, which includes our two young daughters. Our boy, Obi-Wan Kenobi is the BEST & we couldn’t imagine our family without him!”

— C.C. Carlsbad

Everything YOU want in a Responsible Breeder.

“Windsong is everything you want from a responsible breeder. Jillian not only raises beautiful, healthy puppies, but does it in a loving family environment. The transition to our home at 8 weeks was so easy. Crosby (our pup) came home crate trained, slept through the night, comes and sits on command, is people friendly, and doesn’t chase our cat! On top of all that Jillian is there for us as Crosby matures through life.”

— D.P. Ventura

Excellent Breeder!

“We had a wonderful experience from our first meeting to our pick-up day with our forever pup. We were very impressed with the cleanliness, care, love and professionalism that Jillian displayed. We knew that our puppy would be in the best of care from the moment she was born. Jillian listened to our needs and our wants and assured us the right puppy would join our family. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect match! We are so thankful to have found Windsong Doodles and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a doodle to contact them!

— R.B. Moorpark


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